Roots in the earth

Crown in the stars

The future is ours


Matt Dunn is the artist behind EarthStar Creation…

Referred to as a multi-dimensional wizard by some, Matt is a human of many interests, passions and pursuits. Art has always been a form expression for Matt and in 2009 he purchased a necklace from a local vendor at Skipper’s road house which soon fell apart. Repairing that necklace was the beginning of wire wrapping for Matt and in his spare time has evolved over the years. Inspired by many artists around him he aims to make unique jewelry leveling up with each new piece he crafts. By supporting his art you supporting his progress as an artist and human being on this planet to become the very best version of Matt he can be and to always do good.

Matt is also a Skateboarder, Qi Gong Instructor, Writer, Musician, Health Enthusiast and Devoted Yogi.

Stay up to date in Matt’s world on his blog at www.VibrationofAwesome.com